About us

About us

CC Pharma was founded in 1999 and is today one of the leading importers of EU pharmaceuticals in Germany. Our customers are the public, hospital and specialized pharmacies as well as the fully sorted pharmaceutical wholesaler. We ensure that cost-optimized pharmaceuticals are always in the right place at the right time. Since 2019, we have been strengthening our import business and, with the help of our shareholder Aphria Inc., are putting further emphasis on medical cannabis.

Currently, about 300 employees work at the modern headquarters in Densborn – in the middle of the beautiful “Vulkaneifel”. With the expansion of the operating area from 3,800 square meters to a total of 6,400 square meters in 2020, we are laying an important foundation for further growth.

The sales department currently comprises approx. 1,200 PZN. CC Pharma thus offers a wide range of preparations from all important indication areas such as anti-inflammatory drugs, oncology and HIV. More than 100 PZN are now available and available from stock. Our promise: “IMMER DA!” (“ALWAYS THERE!”)


The pharmacist and his employees are at the center of all considerations and investments at CC Pharma. At CC Pharma, we attach great importance to ensuring that this service idea is not only formulated, but also consistently lived.
A significant part of the investments in buildings, technology, logistics, controlling and service goes into the concrete implementation of precisely this requirement. This is quite clear, for example, in the growing share of service offerings since 1999.
For example, our customer service ensures the pharmacist or his PTA or PCA to have permanent contact with his personal contact person.

Our company and our employees have been synonymous with practical value for more than 20 years, from which our customers benefit again and again. This makes us a strong partner!



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  • 1999 – foundation

    CC Pharma was founded in 1999 with the aim of procuring pharmaceuticals and preparations at lower prices for the german market. First at the headquarters in Grevenbroich, later on at the headquarters in Densborn. Our customers are the public-, hospital- and specialized pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical wholesalers.

  • 2006 – move to Densborn

    Subsequently, the company developed into one of the leading re- and parallel importers in Germany. With the inauguration of the new building in Densborn in 2006, CC Pharma will have a state-of-the-art headquarters that meets its performance standards. The location in the heart of the “Vulkaneifel” is home to 53 employees.

  • 2008 – extension

    CC Pharma continues to grow quite rapidly, increasing both – its range and its workforce. About 260 employees  find their jobs here now. In 2008/09, the new building was expanded to include additional production and storage areas and the construction of its own laboratory with cleanroom conditions. With a 3,800 square metre company premises, we have continued to invest in improving the safety and quality of the company.

  • 2019 – 20 years CC Pharma

    In 2019, CC Pharma celebrates its 20th anniversary. Another milestone is the laying of the foundation stone for the expansion of the operating area by a further 2,600 square meters. CC Pharma is thus expanding its area to a total of 6,400 square metres. The new building creates space for further production, storage and office space at the headquarters in Densborn. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in May 2019.

  • 2019 – new shareholder: Aphria Inc.

    Since 2019, CC Pharma has been strengthening its import business and, with the help of the new partner Aphria Inc., is putting further emphasis on medical cannabis. “This new constellation will not only strengthen CC Pharma in the german market, but will also positively develop the pharmacy and pharmaceutical wholesale market for medical cannabis,” says Dr. Manfred Ziegler, managing director of CC Pharma. Aphria Germany GmbH is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies for the cultivation, further processing and distribution of medical cannabis products in Germany.

  • 2020 – completion of the new building

    About a year after the groundbreaking ceremony, the new building in Densborn is completed in June 2020. Due to the enormous growth of CC Pharma, there was a lot more office space created than originally planned. “Of the additional 1,750 square meters for production and storage areas, more than 300 square meters are used for the production and storage of medicinal cannabis,” says Hendrik Knopp, who is as well managing director of CC Pharma as of Aphria Germany GmbH – our parent company. In 2019, the growth forecast was 30 additional jobs over the next three years. The fact that it has actually turned 70 in a year has far exceeded our set goals.

  • 2020 – Klaus Becker joins management

    After 21 years, the co-founder and managing director Dr. Thomas Weppelmann retires on June 1 2020. We are very pleased that Klaus Becker – as our long-standing commercial director – follows in his footsteps. Klaus Becker is connected to the company as well as to the region. The business economist can look back on 16 years of professional experience in various commercial management positions. Since October 2016, he has been working at CC Pharma while leading the finance and human resources departments. With his change to the management, we promise to continue the positive path of the last few years together.

    The new commercial director Klaus Becker.