At CC Pharma, pharmacists and their employees have always been the focus of all our considerations and investments. We are aware that this philosophy is not unique and has been echoed by many other companies. However, at CC Pharma our priority is to walk the walk of our service philosophy – not simply talk the talk.

Pharmacies are the focus of all our activities at CC Pharma.

Art object in the rooms of CC Pharma in Densborn

To put precisely this philosophy into action, we have assigned a significant share of our investments to buildings, equipment, controlling and service. This is demonstrated by aspects including our range of services, which has grown steadily since 1999.
For example, our customer service is designed to build long-term personal relationships with pharmacists and their assistants.


Welcome to CC Pharma

In an increasingly difficult economic environment characterised by increased competition, CC Pharma has developed positively overall since it was established in  1999 . CC Pharma is one of the leading re-importers and parallel importers of pharmaceuticals on the German market. To maintain this successful development, ongoing investments in the company are essential.

We celebrated the inauguration of our ultra-modern new premises in Densborn in 2006 . By  2008/09 we already had to extend our facility, adding further production and storage areas and constructing our own in-house laboratory with cleanroom conditions. At our location in Densborn, around 260 employees are engaged in offering our customers the best possible service from a full-line provider with manufacturing licence according to Section 13, German Medicines Act (Arzneimittelgesetz, AMG).

CC Pharma’s new premises in Densborn, 2006
Extension of the business and production facilities to a total area of 1,800 sqm

By extending our business and production rooms to a total area of 1,800 sqm, we further invested in improving safety and quality, in keeping with one of our corporate values prioritising customer focus in our services.

In 2019, CC Pharma expands its operating space by another 2,600 square meters to a total of 6,400 square meters and creates space for additional production, storage and office space at the location in Densborn. The new premises are expected to go into operation in May 2020. With currently around 260 employees, CC Pharma is an important employer in the Eifel and plans to create up to 30 additional jobs over the next three years.

The 2,600 square meter new building at the location in Densborn.