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International Network

Our supply chain

International Network

Our supply chain

CC Pharma is known as one of the leading pharmaceutical importers in Germany. This would not be possible without a large network of reliable suppliers of original EU medicines. We are therefore constantly working to expand our Europe-wide network of suppliers.
Suppliers in the re-import business

Supplier network

Our supplier management primarily covers actions that safeguard the standard of our supply chain. We perform regular risk analyses, inspections, and on-site supplier audits .

Solid relations with our suppliers, based on mutual trust and efficient business practices, are of fundamental importance to us. To ensure a high level of stability and security of supply, we focus on these aspects and engage in the continuous improvement of our supply chain. In doing so, we rely on a variety of methods, including a fair supplier qualification process, audits, risk analyses, and assurance of the supply-chain standards of the pharmaceutical industry. If you are interested in cooperating with CC Pharma as a supplier, please email us or simply call us.

To expand our Europe-wide network of suppliers, we attach great importance to long-term supplier relationships with high-quality suppliers. This enables us to guarantee a secure supply chain in the long term. In addition, wholesalers and pharmacies have planning security and know that we are able to deliver. Especially when it comes to short-term requirements or high-import medicines.


We are rightly very proud of our Europe-wide supplier network. Because we notice time and again how pharmacies benefit from it: from planning security to the breadth of the product range to the certainty that we are also able to supply high-import medicines. To ensure that this remains the case, we are constantly expanding our supplier network. Our broad-based purchasing team is responsible for this.

We are interested in long-term supplier relationships with audited suppliers. Our purchasing team is therefore very selective in its choice. With a clear focus on the long term, we also want to ensure the greatest possible security. For wholesalers, pharmacies and, above all, patients who rely on us and the medicines we supply.

Supplier management is also relationship management: An international network like ours in particular requires regular maintenance. This includes daily contact by phone and e-mail, but also personal visits on site as well as risk analyses and regular audits. This pays off: Through years of trusting cooperation, we know that we can rely on our suppliers.

Each member of our purchasing team is assigned fixed countries to look after. In many countries, we also have employees based locally to provide support. In addition, the entire purchasing team is made up of many native speakers who come from very different backgrounds. What they have in common is excellent market knowledge. And the ambition to build a supplier network that benefits everyone equally: Wholesalers, pharmacies and patients.

Supply with medicinal products


We consider ourselves to be part of a European network of retailers committed to high quality standards which contributes to the security of supply with medicinal products. On this basis, we offer medicines and pharmaceuticals with any EU origin to authorized purchasers in other EU member states. All products we offer undergo strict internal quality testing before they are sold. By providing this service, we also support projects such as clinical studies.


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