Quality Testing


In our inspections of incoming products, each delivery is checked for the following aspects: uniform batches, condition of packaging, unit numbers, intact cold chain (thermologger) where applicable, and storage. Batch-related documentation supports end-to-end tracking of pharmaceutical products.

Our complex inspections of incoming products use magnifying glasses, UV light and spectrometers to test the authenticity of the original pharmaceutical.

In addition, one sample of each batch is compared to a reference picture. We also check the quality of the package insert, the protective seal and the sealing film of bottles, vials and containers. As an importer, we do not alter the medicinal product itself in any way. Our production permit is restricted to secondary packaging of branded pharmaceuticals. We only open primary packaging in exceptional cases to perform checks. All these measures ensure that the pharmaceuticals imported by CC Pharma are branded products in original quality and exclude the risk of counterfeit products. At the end of our production process, the re-packaging /re-labelling process of the branded pharmaceuticals is checked and documented with the help of a checkweigher.