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Einblick in die Produktion von Arzneimittelimporteur CC Pharma. Mitarbeiterin Eva Weber prüft Etiketten.

Continuous monitoring and improvement of processes

Continuous monitoring and improvement of processes
Reliable quality assurance is a top priority at CC Pharma. The basis of our quality management are the legal regulations, especially the GDP and GMP guidelines. We use the latest technological means and qualified personnel to continuously improve our company processes.

The original. Since 1999.

We import only original medicines

All drugs imported by CC Pharma come from the same domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies as the preparations already familiar to patients. They are therefore exclusively originals that are made marketable by CC Pharma for the German market. In detail, this means: all relevant information is translated for the patient, labels are applied and package inserts are added.

This enables us to provide the German healthcare market with cheaper branded preparations of the same quality.

CC Pharma has a manufacturing authorization in accordance with Section 13 (1) and Section 72 (1) of the German Medicines Act (AMG) and is therefore subject to the same regulatory supervision as the original manufacturer.

At CC Pharma, we are continuously expanding our technical resources for the systematic monitoring of drug safety. In our view, quality focus according to legal regulations in line with GDP and GMP guidelines and pharmacovigilance are essential prerequisites for risk minimization. Ensuring the safety of our pharmaceuticals is a core element of our entrepreneurial responsibility. We therefore take continuous action to minimize hazards and regularly improve our quality standards.

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